The last two Wednesday’s, of this month the topic will be on cake tasting for brides.

Plan on scheduling your tasting ahead of time. Since weddings are almost never booked last minute.
Bakeries normally tell the brides which weeks and days are best to accommodate them or to schedule a tasting.

Sometimes couples situation may differ when it comes to their tasting. Some couples simply want to pick up their samples to taste the flavors in the comfort of their own home.
And other couples choose to do a sit-down tasting to take pictures of their wedding planning journey.

Some bakeries will charge a $20 fee for pick up or a $35 fee for a sit-down consultation.
However, if you book with the bakery for your wedding cake the fee is applied directly to your $50 save the date deposit which is then applied to your final balance.

Selecting your wedding cake is one of the sweetest parts of planning your wedding cake.
Bakeries differ when it comes to tastings, some samples come in the form of cupcakes, some in the form of cake slices. Some bakeries sample 4 flavors, some 6 to 7 flavors. Most bakeries choose the flavors you will sample.

Tasting consultations are anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Typically one hour, tasting does not take more than one hour, but you want to make sure that you have time to capture the vision during your scheduled tasting.

Tastings can be very intimate for the couple. So please consider who you are inviting to attend your tasting with you. The bakeries are normally limited as far as seating’s, and the more guests the more opinions and you will leave confused and frustrated. Remember this is your special day, not your friends and family. Well in some cases if a parent is paying for the cake they might just want to attend. Then there is not way out all you can say is YES! After all, they are helping with the expense of your special day!

Some bakeries do charge an extra fee for your guests anywhere from $5 per person or a flat fee of $25 to $30 according to the number of guests. They do ask you to limit only 2 people. If you are going to have anyone join you, we do suggest your mother’s or the best man and maid of honor.
Bakeries do ask that you don’t bring kids to the tasting. It becomes a great distraction and most of the one hour goes by with nothing accomplished.

Some bakeries do accommodate the last request, but you have to know exactly what you are looking for. Remember during the wedding season some bakeries are already booked months ahead.
We suggest that you plan your tasting anywhere from 6 to 9 months ahead of time.

Keep in mind your wedding cake is just as important as your Dress, Tuxedo, Venue and food. Most couples leave the wedding cake for the very last minute, but your cake is just as important as everything you are planning for your special day to accommodate and please your guests. Your cake is also a “Great WOW factor of your wedding day. Your wedding cake also leaves a lasting impression with your guests.

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